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    Do you need an essay completed by an expert? will assign your essay order to a graduate writer who excelled in your essay subject

    Essays like any other assignments can be easy or difficult. A difficult essay subject requires that you do extensive research on the topic which is challenging if you have other assignments to handle or you lack enough resources for essay content. There is the option to order for such an essay from a writing service.

    It is unfortunate that there are some essay writing services that assign orders to writers who did not take the courses that the customers are studying at their colleges. is committed to customer satisfaction and ensures that it assigns each essay order to a writer who studies the same subjects as the customers.

    You will get the same privilege even if you order for an essay whose subject is not your major. Your essay will be assigned to a writer who did a major in your field who is capable of creating a superb essay.

    Custom Writings has operated for 3 years and gained valuable experience over the years. It has so far assisted thousands of clients to get great grades that they would not have achieved by writing essays on their own. Custom Writing continues to improve the services in order to offer students the best quality essays. You will get prompt response when you place your request. is well prepared to handle all types of essays and does not reject any even if they are complex. It hires writers who are highly qualified and experienced to write all kinds of essays. Its writers are committed to create high quality essays according to instructions and help them to attain high grades. believes in offering customers value for their money and has divided its essay writing services to 3. It creates Standard, Premium and Platinum quality essays. Essay prices begin at $19.99/page for a standard quality essay with completion time of 10 days. The most expensive essay is a Platinum quality essay with a deadline of 3 hours. It costs $52.99/page. You will get a first time discount of 20% and a number of freebies depending on the essay quality that you ordered for.

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